\begin{align} ComputerMusicNeix(\sqrt{n2}) \end{align}

A Collection of Sound Code

nxInstrument001 2009-03-01 [Target:] MIDI CCcontrol SuperCollider
nxInstrument002 2009-03-08 [Target:] Risset Accelerando SuperCollider
nxInstrument003 2009-03-15 [Target:] Array SuperCollider
nxInstrument004 2009-03-21 [Target:] Connect MIDIOut & AudioOut SuperCollider-ZynaddSubFX
nxInstrument005 2009-03-29 [Target:] Sleep Cycles SuperCollider
nxInstrument006 2009-04-05 [Target:] Random Patterns SuperCollider
nxInstrument007 2009-04-12 [Target:] Random Patterns in a Piano Python-PureData-QSynth
nxInstrument008 2009-04-19 [Target:] More Random Patterns in a Piano Python-PureData-Qsynth
nxInstrument009 2009-04-26 [Target:] Rossler Attractor Synth Python-PureData
nxInstrument010 2009-05-03 [Target:] Scripting Supercollider Python-SuperCollider

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