Computer Music Languages

Name Language Realtime MIDI OSC
Supercollider Supercollider, control with Python(sc02), Haskell (hsc3) Yes Only SClang (Control) Yes
Strasheela Oz-Mozart No Output MIDI, Csound and LilyPond files No
Haskore Haskell No Output MIDI and Csound files No
Mpeg-4 Mpeg-4 Yes Yes No
RTcmix RTCmix, Perl, Python Yes Yes Yes
Q-Audio Q Yes Yes Yes
PureData PureData Yes Yes Yes
Nyquist Nyquist No Send Send
Nsound Python and C++ No (Output wav) No No
JMusic Java Yes Yes with Midishare No
Faust Faust No (Compile to C++ and from C++ to Pd, SC, ladspa,etc.) No No
CSound Csound, control with Python, C, C++ , Java , Lua, Lisp Cffi Yes Yes Yes
Common Music Scheme with ChickenScheme * or S7/Scheme Yes Yes No
Chuck Chuck Yes Yes Yes
STK C++ Yes Yes No
SndObj C++, Python, Java, Lisp Cffi Yes Yes No

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